Friday, February 22, 2013

Meatball Parm with Bacon and Extra Cheese

I was originally going to title this one "Are you doing this for me?" but changed my mind.

One of the things that get's talked about on the various Red Pill sites is Outcome Independence.  This is especially important for anyone following a Male Action Plan that involves dressing better and getting in shape.

After a few months of working out and dieting you decide to put the moves on your wife and get shot down, just like every other time.  Then the questions start in your head.  Why am I doing this.  Why do I eat salad every day if it doesn't matter.  I could just go order the Meatball Parm and enjoy what I'm doing.  The outcome will be the same, which means I won't ever have sex again with my wife, but at least I'll be eating something I enjoy.

This is when Outcome Independence really matters.  Many start this journey to improve themselves and hope to become more attractive to their signicant other but that sets you up for failure.  You/We/I need to constantly remind ourselves that this journey is for us.  If she wants to come along for the ride that would be great, but the journey will continue either way.

I don't eat/dress/workout this way for her.  I do it for myself.  I want to improve myself.  This is my journey.

She hates that I say I'm doing these things for myself.  I could lie and say it's for her, but then I would be right back to where I started.  A Beta door mat who's entire life revolves around trying to impress my wife.

Impress her for what.  So she can come to bed in a t-shirt and her old lady panties every night with me hoping that she might ALLOW me to have sex with her while she lays there like a corpse.  No thanks.

This is my journey.
This is my life.
I will improve for myself.
I will look the way I want for myself.
I will dress the way I want for myself.

My goal is to make myself the best person I can be.  The goal is what drives us everyday.  The goal is what will stop me from ordering the meatball parm.

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