Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mr Money Was Right

For those who don't get the reference Mr Money was a character from the movie DC Cab.  The movie itself was pretty bad but for some reason it made an impression on me.  I still use a few quotes from it to this day.

Anyway, one of my favorite lines from the movie was when Mr Money said "Don't let your dick run your life".

Pretty common line in movies these days with many variations, like "Your thinking with the wrong head" and stuff like that.  At the time I thought it was funny but never really appreciated it until recently.

As a new convert to the Red Pill stuff I, like most guys, spent a good deal of time looking at different blogs and message boards for inspiration and insight.  I found a lot of good info, and some not so good, but I have an observation that get's me back to Mr Money's quote.

The people who comment and post on different boards, one of which is the Married Man Sex Life Primer forum, seem to be broken up into a few distinct groups.

The first group is the guys who have a really good grasp of the Captain/First Officer model and really thrive in it.  They have developed, through hard work and dedication, all the traits needed to helm the ship that is their life.  Their First Officer is exactly that, the second in command and able work with the Captain, for the Captain, and then in place of the Captain when needed.  This is the model that I want to be and what drives me in much of what I do.

The second group make up the majority of people who participate and are the guys who think Captain/First Officer really means Captain/Servant.  Their First Officer is just a tool to help them achieve whatever kind of sexual fulfillment they want.  They are not equals, or partners of the ship, they are simply the person who's job it is to make me cum.  A recent discussion on the MMSL forum really started me to think about this:


I'll save everyone the pain of reading it so here is the readers digest version.  Guy tells his wife he wants to have sex, wife responds that she has been bleeding from the uterus for the past 5 days and is not up to sex, guy responds that her mouth still works.  This is a really twisted view of what a good Captain/First Officer relationship should be.

The last group, and luckily they are very small, are the true misogynist types.  Every woman is out to get them so they need to get them first.

So after all that what does it have to do with Mr Money.  Many guys, like myself, start this journey because we want to be better men.  We want to be good husbands, fathers, workers, just simply to be great men.  Now I fully admit, I want more sex from my wife.  I want hot dirty sex from her on a regular basis, and I hope that one outcome of this journey is that happens.  But it's not the only reason I am doing this.

If you took the Red Pill for the express purpose of being able to cum in your wife's mouth during her period then more power to you but I think you are missing the point.  You are letting your dick run your life instead of really being the Captain and controlling where this journey takes you.

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