Monday, March 25, 2013

But They Get Paid To!!!!

I, like I think many people, often see a fitness model and make the same statement in my head.  They get paid to look that way.

I know it's a rationalization on my part but its so easy to look at these people and say they are dedicated and work hard becuase they are paid to.

"If my ability to earn a living hinged on staying in shape and looking good I would ....blah blah blah"

I have no interest in making a living in the fitness industry, beyond maybe one day owning my own gym, but it surprised me how easy it was to discount someones hard work and dedication as just a money thing.  Do I look at a scientist or doctor and say the only reason they are smart is because someone pays them to be?

Sounds pretty ridiculous when I word it that way, but a fitness model is not any different.  They work hard and are dedicated to something that many of us only aspire to.  So what's the difference.

I guess this posting is more of an outward WTF to myself than anything.  I don't get paid to look good but what is my excuse.  I get it that I can't train for hours every day and spend more time cooking and prepping but there has to be a happy medium here.

It's real easy for many of us to say just throw our hands up and say "Well since I can't look like that I might as well just be fat" but that is cop-out.

My plan now will be to find a way to put the kind of pressure on myself that a job creates.  Make sure that the pain of failure is much worse than the discomfort of discipline.  Like looking at the models it is a lot easier said then done.  But then if getting in shape and looking good was easy, we all wouldn't be the fat fucks that we are.

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