Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Enough Already

I get it, some bloggers in the Manosphere like to use big words.

When I spend more time looking up the words they use then I spend actually reading the blog I think I just need to move on.

I remember being in college when I was introduced to the term "Circle Jerk".  For those who are not familiar with such low brow ideas it was simply a group of guys, in a circle, masturbating.  In the circle would be some person, or thing, and other activities would follow.  I am happy to say I never participated in one but I heard the horror stories from guys who pledged certain fraternities.

Reading some of the Red Pill/Alpha/Manosphere blogs I really get the felling like I'm back in college and watching a Circle Jerk.  I get it, I really do.  Your smart and like to use big words.  I'm sure that Hypergamy and Solipsism just roll off their tongues.  But really, could you guys be any more pretentious.

Maybe I'm being harsh and they are just doing something they truly enjoy.  Perhaps that is really how they talk.  But to be blunt, if they talk and act like they do in their blogs are these really the type of people I should look to on how to be a better man.

Reading these blogs I really get the sense for many of these people, being a man is more of an intellectual pursuit than it is a physical thing.  That figuring out what women want should be looked at like a dissertation instead of an around the world journey.

I do see the merit in SOME of what they do, as changing who we are inside as men is just as important as who we are outside.  But there must be balance.

I can't intellectually change a tire any more than I can squat my way to understand my wife.  At some point you have to put your shoulder to the stone and move it, even if the stone is a concrete Atlas Stone or the Blue Pill we all took many years ago.

It's fun to talk, but eventually you must do.  I just think that some people get so caught up in the talking that they forget why they started talking in the first place.

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