Monday, March 18, 2013

Keep Moving....Nothing to See...Yet

Been out of commision the past week.  Kids got sick, my wife got sick, then me.

I hate being sick.  I think most people can say that but I just wanted to emphasize that I really hate being sick.

As a father, husband, employee, etc... I have a lot going on and being sick just means more to do next week.  But even being sick can teach us something about ourselves.

In the past the first thing I did when I was feeling sick would be to start taking cold medicine.  I would then spend the next three or four weeks in various stages of euphoria and dementia as the drugs "helped" me get over whatever I had.

This last time, however, was different.  I didn't take anything.  No home remedies, teas, drinks or drops.  Nothing.  I just let it run it's course and was thru it in less than a week.

I did, however, make sure to get rest and kept my workouts very light focusing on just working up a heavy sweat.  This all seemed to help.

Ultimately I think what I learned, or just admitted to seeing, is that our bodies are much better at fighting and fixing what ailed us than some pill.  So it got me to looking at other things as well.

I decided to cut out caffeine from my diet.  I was not a huge coffee person or anything but I almost always took a stimulant of some type prior to working out.  I'm concerned about something becoming a crutch, and like the cold pills hiding something I really need to see so I cut it.  Had my first hard workout thing morning since the cold and I didn't have much of a problem this morning without it.  Most of my struggles probably came from being run down from my cold so I think it won't be long to get me back to form.

I also decided to change my overall goals a bit.  I will write another post on this by itself but my focus moving forward will be with improving my health more than just my physical appearance.  A cold doesn't care if you have abs so focus on what is important.  I will still be working to improve my physical self and get my abs ready for summer, but my food choices will be based on improving my health.

Now I have to go catch up on everything else I fell behind on while sick, like my blog, so I better get back to work.

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