Friday, March 1, 2013

The Alpha Man Path of God

I will openly admit that taking charge and upping my Alpha is a leap of faith.

Will it work, will she accept it, can I sell it are all questions that most of us will face when we take the pill.

One of the places that many of us really want to be Alpha is in the bedroom.  Take charge and get what you want is something of a mantra on many sites.  One issue that many like myself will struggle with is how far to push before we cross that line from Alpha to A-hole.

I have a good number of sexual fantasies that I have never ever talked with my wife about.  Nothing dangerous, but they do push the envelope for many people.

Something simple like dirty talk can go off the deep end.  Looking at the woman I love and who bore my children and telling her that tonight she will be my cock craving cum slut can seem a bit extreme to many people, myself included, but it is what I want.

The notion of taking charge is very foreighn to me on some levels.  I take charge in my job and things around the house, but taking charge of her physically is uncharted teritory.  I mentioned in my Outcome Independence posting that pissing her off by saying I'm MAP'ing for myself is no big deal because the worst that can happen is no worst than the life I have now.  I think taking charge in bed can be looked at the same way.

My wife rarely, if ever, agrees to have sex with me.  I've been shut down for years so what do I have to loose.  So I've decided to take the plunge and see what happens.  To Alpha Up on her tonight and see where this goes.  The worst that can happen is she shuts me down and it's another few months before she allows me to even try.  At best I get her to dress in one of those outfits all our wives have but never ever wear and end the night with me cumming in her ass while telling her what a hot slut she is.

Like Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade I'm going to try The Path of God.  I will either safely walk to the other side and grab the sexless man's holy grail (also know as my wifes pussy) or fall into the bottomless pit and endure the slow death that is my marriage.

Let's see what I write about tomorrow.

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