Friday, April 26, 2013

Am I Really That Shallow?

One of the more angry bloggers I follow, Judgy Bitch, wrote a piece about why men might stray in a marriage.  She referenced a number of things, but one of them was a hooker who has written a book.

Hooker Advice

Beyond a late night online porn induced delusional fantasy,  I've never seriously thought of cheating on my wife with anyone let alone a prostitute.  As I've eluded to before I have an issue with doing that while supposedly being committed. What really struck me about this posting, and many posting all over the Manosphere is simply....

Am I really that shallow?

My marital problems go well beyond sex, but if that was it....if the only problem was my sexless marriage...would it be enough to drive me to end the marriage, or simply cheat.  Are my needs and want for sex that powerful and controlling over me that they need to be met at any cost?

Maybe one of the reasons it's taken me so long to even look for the Red Pill, let along take it, is because I don't really understand myself.  Am I supposed to be able to walk away from my marriage just because of sex.

Like many of the Red Pill concepts what if this one also get's twisted.  A man will walk away because he is only having sex once every few months like myself.  But what if he is having sex three times a week but he still feels it's not enough.. He has built up such a compelling delusional vision of himself that he will walk away from his family because his wife doesn't want to be his live in full time slave.  That he deserves this whole "sex on demand" and if he doesn't get it he is gone.

As I've mentioned before in But I Already Have Kids I think it's real easy for some guys to use the Red Pill as an excuse to control the immature women they are attracted to.  Someone looses a few pounds and all of a sudden then are god's gift to their wives and expect to be worshiped.

I want more sex in my marriage, but that is only one part of what is going on with me.  For any guy who is contemplating leaving or cheating on the wives my advice to them is the same advice I am trying to live by....

Get You Shit Together!!!!

Because if you are willing to leave your family over sex, I would guess that the sex is only cover for how fucked up you, and your life, really are.

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