Friday, April 19, 2013

But I Already Have Kids

I was lurking on the MMSL forum, as I often do, and came across this gem.

She Slapped Me

The guy posted about what to do now that his wife slapped him. Seems like he had an argument, and in his dealing with his wife, she slapped him.

There were a number of comments about the fact that in his original posting he mentioned that due to some disrespectful behavior he spanked his wife.  As in put her over his knee and gave her a spanking.

A number of posters, including Athol, commented on why he was allowed to strike his wife but she was not.  That's about when I stopped reading.

From what little I did read of this guys posting, and I am purposefully not calling him a man, you could take the word "wife" and replace it with "child" and not change anything.  I fully admit I don't, nor do I want to, understand Domestic Discipline, but spanking a grown person for "disrespecting" just seem extremely childish.  He seems like the kind of douche who as a kid would take his ball and go home because he didn't get his way.

This guy is the poster child for how the Red Pill can be twisted, and when your First Office just becomes your Janitor.

I am the last person who should be judging someone elses marriage given how bad mine is, but after reading that I feel much better about where we are.

You see, I married a woman.  A full grown, mature, productive member of society woman.  We have two kids, and that is enough for me.  I do understand the need to spank a child.  Often times only the threat of a swat on the backside will get thru to them that a certain behavior is unacceptable, but I will never understand spanking an adult.  Now that doesn't mean that I have not in my past played with role playing spanking, but treating your spouse like a child just seems ridiculous.

It's ridiculous to think that a man married a woman who is so immature that what works with a child will actually work on her.  But what is also ridiculous is that this guy is so emotionally immature that he actively sought out someone who is equally immature.

If you want to raise a child than have kids, but treating your spouse like a child is about as far from being Red Pill as anything I've seen.

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