Friday, April 12, 2013

Put Down the Book, and Pick Up Your....


There I said it.

It's amazing how many of the Red Pill sites have a real heavy Religious side.  The above posting is not Red Pill, but it illustrates a point.

Just to quickly paraphrase the item:

Guy get's married.
Guy let's himself completely go on every level.
Woman moves on.
Guy blames her.

The part that I find really disturbing is how many people are blaming the woman.  Since it's a Christian site they all quote the good book about why the woman should stay no matter what.  I've even seen people posting on sites that physical abuse is not a reason, given by the Bible of course, to end a marriage.

Alpha Game also commented on this posting, which is actually where I saw it.

Here is the part that really bothers me.  This guy let's himself go and the general consensus is that the woman broke her marital contract by having the affair.

I will admit that she did break her vows, and I have personal reasons for not having any respect for a person who cheats while married.  Be a man, or woman, and end the marriage before starting a new relationship.

I am working on another posting on a similar topic but it's just amazing the double standard that exists.  Woman get's fat, guy has an affair, and Red Pill community tells him it's the wife's fault because she got fat.  That if our wives don't cook, clean, raise the kids, and bring us our slippers and offer a blow job when we get home that they should be kicked to the curb.  The guy, however, can let himself go and become a complete waste of space and if the woman leaves then she gets called out.

There is nothing magical about the Red Pill.  It won't solve your, or my, marital problems.  But it does seem like there are many who think that.  Simply stating, in some public way, that you have taken it won't make your wife or girlfriend forget the fact that you are a looser.

Sorry, but there is no pill, no matter what color, that will do that.  The Red Pill only allows you to see what is going on.  The ability to change that requires effort.

Regardless of what my wife does, only I am responsible for me and the life I have.  It would be so much easier, like all these other so called men have done, to just blame her but if a man want's to be a true alpha then the only person he can blame is himself.

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