Sunday, May 19, 2013

Chairman of the Board

I was over on the Married Mans Forum and came across another gem of a posting.


My wife is another person who spends an enormous amount of time on social media type sites like Facebook and pintrest.  I understand that on many levels it's an escape for her, just like us guys who watch porn and lift weights.

Like before my interest is not in the obvious ones here.  The guy is posting because his wife is doing things that she wants to do, instead of what he wants her to do.  What she is doing is just a byproduct of what is available to her which is why I don't like to get caught up in demonizing computers and technology.

Not to long ago I wrote a post about guys who are looking for very immature relationships.

But I Already Have Kids

Computer guy, and nearly all of the people who commented, seem very similar in how they deal with their wives.  Limiting her time on the computer, or putting blockers on, or even a suggestion to put a virus on her computer all point to a deeper and rather dark secret.

These men don't treat their wives like women.  They treat them like children.

The general theme of these postings and questions all revolve around how to make a grown woman do what I want her to do.  My question is why???

I do understand the concept of Captain/First Office that Athol and many other Red Pill writers discus, but I don't think that always works, or I don't think all the men out there interpret it it in a healthy way.  I think it's perfect for relationship where the woman WANTS to be submissive to her husband.  I'm starting to think, however, that for two successful and driven people, to have a man led relationship it needs to work more like a board of directors.

Reading a lot of these postings it's easy to see that many of these men don't really care what their wives want.  They expect to get sex whenever they want and do what they are told.  And the men turn into winy little bitches when that doesn't happen.  A self confident, and successful women, will eat men (or should I say boys) like this alive.

But in a board of directors their is a chairman, who steers the decisions the board makes, and also speaks on behalf of the board when needed.  However the chairman is no more or less powerful then any other member.  They each get one vote, and they both vote on their own without being told how to vote by anyone else.  This is the point that get's lost on many Red Pill sites.

Many men take the Red Pill and expect, or more likely hope, that their wives will become submisive sex slaves.  But for those of us who want to be in an alpha male led relationship with a woman whose goal in life isn't to lick my boots then a different tact is needed.

There are many happy relationships built on the Captain/First Officer model and they work great.  But if ordering your First Office to put away the computer because you NEED a blowjob isn't work, maybe you need to try treating them like a grown up and not like a child.

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