Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just Do the Burpees Already!!!!

I'm not really a fan of Crossfit.

Actually, to be specific, I don't like the company called Crossfit.  Like many I despise much of their marketing material and find the whole notion that they invented something that many of us were doing decades ago very annoying.

I do, however, like the fitness model they use in the boxes.  One of the reasons I think people are drawn to it is because the program is effective, but I don't think it's for the reason people think.

The idea of timed circuit weight training, or metabolic conditioning, is not new.  People have been doing that for a long time.  Adding in olympic and gymnastic movements adds variety but again, I don't think the movements themselves are what really work.

I think the reason people have great sucess is because of the white board.  Your average guy/gal looking to get in shape will go to a gym and decide to do 45 minutes of stuff.  The only person holding them accountable for what they do is themselves.  If they do more or less than last time it's only on them.  Things like I don't feel well, or I'm tired, or I have a lot of stuff going on at work all creep into the mind and can give anyone a reason to not push.

But knowing that at the end of your workout your name and time/reps will be put up for all to see keeps you honest.  You will push yourself because everyone is, and because everyone will see what you did.

I think the idea of personal accountability in a workout is something that many people, like myself, either don't have or lost at some point.  I fully admit there are times when I just go thru the motions of my workout.  I'm tired/hungry/distracted/etc...take your pick.  Some of them are honest reasons, but most are excuses for not pushing myself.

And this is where the burpees come in.  I would often pick easier movements, or ones that I enjoy doing, when putting together my training.  Avoiding the tough movements and focusing on the stuff I was good at allowed me to push what I wanted, and not what I needed.  But I am starting to realize that avoiding the hard stuff doesn't help me.  And in many ways it hurts by allowing me to think it's OK to not do stuff you don't like.

Just like taking the Red Pill, doing burpees was, and is, tough for me.  But just like the Red Pill it's a necessity for my life to move forward.  Embrace the suck, and you will one day be able to embrace the life you want.

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