Friday, May 24, 2013

Thanks For Making My Point

I will be the first one to admit that I read Adventures In Red Pill Wifery for the titillation and the not to be enlightened.  But this one did both, of sorts.

Below is a posting that really caught my eye and seems to run counter to some of what I had believed.


I've posted in the past my disdain for men who treat their wives like children.  A big part of me always believed, or wanted to believe, that this was just the men pushing their view of marriage on their wives.

Well, apparently I was wrong.  Seems like there are woman who like, and want, this kind of relationship.

I'm happy to say neither my wife or I am in that category.  As I've mentioned before, I can really see the allure of a concubine that you are legally tied to, but for me that would get old very quickly.

My point in posting this is to make sure it's clear that taking the Red Pill will allow people to see the reality of their world, but we all do actually live in different worlds.  If your wife needs, wants, and even craves to be a submissive to you then taking the pill will, hopefully, open your eyes to that and allow you to develop an awesome relationship with her.

Red Pill Wifey has a great relationship with her husband.  While the it's not the life I want, her husband has complete and total control of her after taking the pill, and that is what she wanted. Too often, however, men will take the Red Pill but be unwilling to see their own reality. An emerging "Alpha Male", fresh off of his enlightenment, will read these types of blogs coupled with his own desire to dominate his partner, and try and force this type of relationship on his wife.  A few weeks later he will be on the MMSL boards looking for advice on why his MAP isn't working.

The Red Pill reality, however, is that not every woman wants to be in a sub/dom relationship.  And not every man wants to be either.

I've recently become fascinated with the idea of male chastity.  As soon as you say that many people will assume you want to be turned into your wife's sissy maid cuckold made to service her extremely well hung black alpha lover.   But I think the majority of men, like myself, just find it fascinating as a game to play.  A week or two of chastity play seems like fun.  A lifestyle of orally cleaning up after your wife's lover does not sound like fun.

The Red Pill can not tell you which direction to go with your relationship.  It can only show you the reality of what you have created.   Ultimately the person taking the pill needs to make these decisions for themselves.

Take the pill, be honest about the reality you already have, and be honest about the reality you want.  Make your decision and own it.

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