Friday, May 31, 2013

Your Equation Is Missing Some Variables

I saw this posting some time ago and wanted to put my spin on it.


The post itself is interesting, and like usual I will save everyone from having to read the whole thing.

So here is the condensed version:
Above picture is posted....
People are asked to rate which girl is hotter....
Results are that most guys choose the girl on the left......
And the final reveal is the girl on the right is a pre-operative transsexual.

Hilarity then ensues.

Now I fully admit that when I fist took the survey I picked the girl on the left.  And I also get it that the point of the posting was to try and show that beauty/attractiveness/hotness is somewhat universal.  Guys, for the most part, have predefined things that we find attractive in a female and the picture is a good example of what those things are.

But like my other postings, my interest here is not in the obvious.  Read down into the comments and that is when it get's interesting.

It took a few people, but eventually you start seeing guys posting about how hot the girl on the left is.  I admit she is pretty, and again I did pick her, but can you really define how hot she is just based on a picture.  My fantasy version of her might be hot, but is that the reality.

Recently there was a girl at a sporting event that got a lot of TV coverage.  She was in the right spot at the right time and the cameras caught her.  The local sport stations went nuts trying to find her and eventually one succeeded.  She was young, pretty, and available so they had her on the radio for a dating game.  I followed along until she opened her mouth.

Saying she was a dumb as a box of hammers would be an insult to hammers.  Add that to one of the most annoying voices you could imagine and you have this girl that guys were calling in for the chance of getting a date.

This is one, if not THE, biggest reasons why I don't even get caught up in the sex rank garbage.  Because I don't think they are accurate beyond what a guys penis thinks.  The girl in the picture is pretty, but I am not ready to blather on about drinking her bath water just because she has blonde hair and big boobs.

Now my view, and the view of people who posted on that blog, has to be taken with a big pinch of reality salt.  Chateau Heartiste is a blog aimed at the PUA community so most of the guys are just looking for the next place to stick their dicks.  I look at that picture as a middle age father.  While I, and the PUA guys, admit the girl is pretty, I can't take the leap to hot that these other guys do.

As I had mentioned the other day:


Everyone who takes the Red Pill will be able to see the reality of their own world, but not everyone lives in the same reality.  It's great fun to look at all the other postings in the Manosphere and enjoy the different thoughts and ideas, but not everything works for everyone.

One of the things I am learning about being an Alpha Male, is that it can't be easily defined.  It's not as simple as a list of bullet points to be followed.  Like in math, we are all governed by the equations of our lives.  The outcome to be alpha is the same, but the variables that make up each of our equations are not.  My needs, and variables, as a 42 year of married father are not the same as a 22 year of PUA.  Neither of us is right or wrong in what we are doing as long as we are seeing the reality of our world and responding appropriately.

If you saw the girl as hot, or possibly hot, or not at all then you are right.  If you saw this as an inappropriate question because it's wrong to even try and evaluate a woman then take a few more Red Pills and come back later.

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