Friday, June 7, 2013

The Over Inflated Alpha Ego

I've noticed a pattern these last few posting that I am going to stop.  I started this blog as an online journal of my own journey but seem to be focusing a lot of my time writing about other people.  While I enjoy the academic exercise of picking apart the failings of a self proclaimed alpha it is not helping me any.

So I'm going to stop doing it.......right after this past.

I saw this posting on Athol's site not long ago but let it go.  But then it popped up again with some commentary from my favorite submissive wife.


Long story short Mr Super Alpha puts the moves on his wife while she is on her period.  Apparently they were going somewhere and his wife might not be able to bring him to orgasm for a few days.  Mr Super Alpha decided that was just way to long to go without his wife servicing him so he pushed the issue.

As expected his wife, after spending the better part of a week bleeding from her vagina, reacted poorly.  Rather than admitting he was a complete asshole for initiating in the first place he decides that his wife needs to be punished for not submitting to his wants.  There is that submissive wife thing so popular among the self proclaimed alpha set.

His punishment for her is he turns off the "Love Express" as he calls it.  The post really goes downhill from there as he spends the rest of it going on and on about how awesome he is and how old and shriveled his wife is.

I get it.  He is God's gift to women of the world and his wife's loss is the gain of females everywhere.  I'm sure just reading that he might leave his wife turned millions of vaginas into Niagara Falls.

He is Mr Super Alpha.  He could have any women he wants and they are all much younger and hotter than the one he has right now.

He is Mr Super Alpha and is ready to leave for the greener pastures filled with hot young women who are all but throwing themselves at him now.

He is Mr Super Alpha........and then his wife offers him sex and he is in love with her again.

I had to do a double take on that as well.  He spends an entire post trying to convince us that he is a totally awesome specimen of alpha male who is married to a shriveled old woman and ends it with him falling in love with her again because of the sex.

I have no problem with the dynamic or the narrative he attempted to give but he is clearly someone with a very over inflated sense of himself relative to the world around him.  The entire post wreaks of machismo that is usually only found in a college football locker room.  But here we have a grown man claiming that he could walk out his door and find a half dozen hot young women willing to have sex with him.

Taking the Red Pill is supposed to show you the world, your world, as it is.  But clearly there are many men who take the pill only wanting to see the world as they want it.  Big difference.

Maybe this guy is totally made of awesome and women the world over would fight to the death for the chance to be under his thumb.  Mostly likely his new view of the world is based on his own created narrative of how awesome he is.  The fact that this worked on his wife, sort of, is not really the point for me.

The point for me is that some anonymous poster on a message board went to great lengths to explain how great and alpha he is and why he is so much better than his homely wife only to take her back because of sex.

I guess that is what they mean by keeping frame.  Just that Mr Super Alpha apparently keeps his frame hanging from his cock.  Anyone who has access to his cock, has access to his frame.

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