Thursday, June 20, 2013

What...You Think You're Better Than Me?????

In the event you are living under a rock the AMA this week classified obesity as a disease.

AMA Classifies Obesity as a Disease

This was big news in some places, but it has exploded on many many manosphere sites.  Even the ladies are getting in on the action. Of course my favorite submissive lap dog wife chimed in on this as well.

The fist thing you notice is that for many of the self proclaimed beautiful people being 10 pounds over weight is considered obese.  It's an interesting number because to read their blogs they all want to loose more weight, but it's never enough to qualify themselves as obese.  No, only other people have that problem.

Of course none of them seem smart enough to know that medically defined obesity, like the AMA is talking about, is actually medically defined.  Some skinny blogger complaining about that last 5 pounds is not really qualified to decide who is obese.  But let's not let medical science get in the way of them feeling better.

The second thing you notice is they think if a person is obese it's because of personal choices.  The idea that there is an actual medical reason for a person's weight is just beyond them.  Again, I understand that many of these bloggers are not the sharpest tack in the box and they struggle with many concepts, but it does seem universal that thin people assume it's easy for everyone to be thin.

Lastly they also think that every overweight person in the world now will just belly up to the all you can eat buffet because they have no control anymore.  This is similar to my second point in that they just can not comprehend how a person would be different from them.  Why everyone would not want to be like them is inconceivable, and yes that word does mean what I think it does.

For most people, not being obese is a matter of effort.  Watch what you eat, get some exercise, make healthy choices and it all works out.  You may never look like magazine model but you can be a healthy person with some effort.  But I did say most people.  There are many who do have real medical issues that require medical intervention. Simply telling them to eat less and move more is no more help then telling Bobby Brady that hanging from the swing set out back will make him taller.  It might make the self important blogger feel better, but that advice only works in their world.

The reality here is that by defining obesity as a disease the medical community, and by extension medical insurance, will be better able to help people who have a real need.  While there will be people who will use this as an excuse, I think they are the exception, not the rule.  An interesting side note here is that most of the criticism of the AMA, and obese people in general, is not coming from the health and fitness community.  I would venture a guess that most health PROFESSIONALS (capitalized for emphasis) are happy with the decision and hope it will help them in treating their obese clientele.

Look around the manosphere enough and you will see plenty of examples of men who have taken the Red Pill and are using it as an excuse to be complete assholes.  You will also see plenty of women who worship the ground they walk on, and I do mean that literally in case of Red Pill Wifery.  Like obesity, these are the exceptions not the rule.

I took the Red Pill and it has allowed me to see myself.  I can also see the world around me and understand that not everyone has the same goal as me.  Not every person will make the same life choices as myself, and that's OK. Like I have mentioned before, the Red Pill will only show you the reality of the world around you.  You can pretend to take the pill and then attack people who are different, or you can take the pill and accept the reality.

I am not in great shape, but I'm in better shape than many people.  I am in better shape, but I am not better than them.  I made the decision to improve myself, and one area I am working on is my physical appearance.  This is my choice.  My choice is best for me, but it is no better or worse than another person's choice.

Looking at the world and assuming that every obese person is obese by choice is no different than looking at the world and assuming that every woman wants to be the submissive servant of their asshole husband.  You can lead a person to the Red Pill, but you can't make them see.

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