Tuesday, July 9, 2013

If A Fat Girl Gives You an IOI....

Does it really happen?

One of the more common themes I see on many manosphere sites is the idea that an IOI (Indication of Interest) is a good barometer of how much alpha someone has gained.

For most guys, when the young cashier at the Quckie Mart says have a nice day, she really just means have a nice day.  But for a recent Red Pill convert, what he hears is "Take me in the back room and have your way with me".  How the girl responded to you is no different, but how each person interprets it is.  The guy getting the IOI really has no idea if the cashier is being anything other than nice.  His frame, however, has him believing that she wants him.

This is where the fat girl reference comes in.  Inevitably, if someone posts they got an IOI, it was a pretty girl who is always younger and hotter than their wife or girlfriend.  The incident itself could very well have been real, but because the guy finds her attractive her simple act of being nice becomes an IOI.  Indication of Interest again.  Her actual intent is just to be nice, but Mr Alpha's frame interprets that as wanting him.  This then allows him to go home, treat his wife like crap, then post on some message board about how awesome he is.  If, however, he does not find the girl attractive then the exact same IOI just becomes a girl being nice.

My problem with this is again, each person is not seeing what is really happening.  A guy is supposed to take the Red Pill and then clearly see the world around him.  Instead he see it through his new Alpha glasses.  Every hot girl within 10 feet of him now wants him, and any woman who he doesn't find attractive could throw herself at him and he won't see it.  What is better is if he also mentions that he has only been mapping a few weeks and he can tell that the girl is looking at him because of all his new muscle.

I mentioned this in a previous posting how guys who do this are not really seeing clearly.  They are still forcing the issue to try and frame themselves in a certain way.  What's worse is that they then use this self created vision of themselves to judge others against.  Most will never admit it but they are often mad at their wives and girlfriends because they won't given them anal like the cashier surely would.  I mean she said have a nice day, what more evidence do you need!!!!

The reason for me posting this was because I just went through this myself.  Here in the North East it's pool time.  I enjoy the time outside with the kids and it's nice to cool off on a hot day.  But I will also admit that I have a bathing suit fetish and I like to go to the pool to see women in bathing suits.  On an average day there may be 100 people at the pool and only 5 or 6 are worth looking at.  The problem is when one of those women decides to sit next to me, which in reality is 30 feet away, my frame said she wants to be near me.

I can certainly appreciate the fantasy that type of frame can create, but it is still fantasy.  The only difference is that I took the Red Pill.  The pill is completely symbolic in that it's a statement of my wanting to change, but it can't do the work for me.  I still need to want to see the reality of my world and work every day to accept it.  Pretending that some hot girl really wants me is not being Alpha, or having a great frame, it's just being intellectually lazy and living in a fantasy world STILL.  It's not really that different from taking the Blue Pill.  It's a fantasy creation of the real world.  It may be a different fantasy then what you saw before taking the pills, but it's still a made up creation of your own imagination.

Most guys who start this journey really like to focus on the physical side of transforming ourselves and I'm not any different.  But we all must commit to making real changes so we don't fall into bad habits.  Not seeing the world clearly as an Alpha is no better then not seeing it as a Beta.  It is still an artificial construct and must be broken through so we can live in the real world.

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