Sunday, March 16, 2014

October 4th Was Not A Good Day....At The Time

Not that anyone was wondering, but I am still here.  Just had what was a minor setback, at the time, but now turned out to be a really great thing.

On Friday October 4th my manager called me into the conference room and I was laid off.  To be honest this was not a big surprise.  When they hired me I think there was a lot of excitement about what I could do, but then we got busy and all the forward thinking stuff I could offer was no longer wanted.  I was over paid for what they really needed.  I was a thinker and they needed a doer who didn't ask questions and was a lot cheaper.

I won't belabor the point of why this happened, but it did.  Looking back it was a great thing but at the time I completely lost my frame and really felt crappy.  Not a full on depression, but not real good about myself.  I didn't feel like writing about being an Alpha Male when I couldn't keep one of the main tenets of being able to support your family.

Well that is only half true.  Nearly every post I have every written here I wrote while at work.  I was bored and needed a mental diversion that required me to think.  No boring job, no need to keep the brain working.  The reality was that I was only out of work about  three weeks.  I got a call from a recruiter in Dallas, about 1,300 miles from where I was, and after brief phone call was on a plane along with my wife to visit my future employer.  They offered me the position on the spot and I moved.  My family is still back in Philadelphia but I have been working ever since.  Once the school year ends everyone will move.

This job has been a huge step forward for me on every level.  More money, responsibility, and involvement in the long term planning of the company.  I have been, and still am, crazy busy so have not had time to blog.  But I also didn't have a lot to blog about.  It was super easy to fall into my usual rouutine of working out, going to work, and going to bed.

So I had to ask myself, what I can I do to continue my journey to being an Alpha Male when my wife and family are not with me.

I don't have any answer to this, but hopefully starting to write again will get me back on track. I will say some of my goals, about getting in better shape, are going well since I am not struggling with being in house with people who don't share my dietary needs.  I could have done this at home before but never had the will power to resist what was around me.  Now I can keep the crap I should not eat at arms length and it is really helping.  Not full Paleo yet, but a lot better than I was.  It's a start.

I also need to get my ass in gear about finding a place to live.  Right now I am renting a room in a house with two college students and a teach at the local community college.  But at some point I will need to get a place for all of us.  That will take effort and focus to go thru what needs to be done and that will require an Alpha to step up and do what it needed.

This should go fine, and like before, I will use this blog and a journal of my journey to keep making myself a better man.

I will also need to buy a big hat, but I will save that for another post.